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During the first ten to fifteen years of a new century, it has been human culture's tendency to celebrate the art and music of the past 100 years by reinventing, mixing together, and amplifying it's various genres. Never has the nostalgic showcase been so well distributed across the globe than now, in the information age, and never have the different genres of the previous age's arts been mixed together so fantastically. Bands like the Black Keys are reinventing the blues, Pat Metheny's new projects are reinventing jazz once again, "Mumford" bands are resurfacing American folk, and alternative country bands are showing us what country SHOULD be like. But after that first decade of nostalgia and musical reworkings, something unique always arises out of the experimentation to set the course for a new genre... and bring us into a new age.

World reknowned keyboardist Dr. Dan's new band "Dr. Dan and the Looter" is a super-group created to invent and explore the century's newest genre with crackling intensity. Daring musicianship expressed in vintage warmth mixed with electronic innovation... all welded together with addictive hooks and soulful lyrics that appeals to jazz critics, festival goers, rock fans, and dance crazed hipsters alike.

Certainly Dr. Dan has the credentials, having begun his musical career as a child protégé in the supergroup "Char," and then leaving the life of stardom in his native country of Japan to attend Berkley College of Music in the US. There he met Steve Vai and Jeff Sipe to form the band "Winter," but left school at the beginning of his senior year to become the keyboardist for Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown. Since then Dr. Dan has founded two legendary groups with Col. Bruce Hampton and has been credited as co-founder of the jam genre and the inventor of space-funk due to those collaborations. He's represented the US at the winter Olympics, played the North Sea Jazz Festival multiple times, co-founded the HORDE tours and formed supergroups there with Les Claypool, Taj Mahal, Ween, and Blues Traveller, and appeared on several Widespread Panic and Allman Brothers releases. In 2012 he appeared with Warren Haynes on national TV at Christmas Jam and completed a straight jazz album with Stanton Moore of Galactic.

Dr. Dan's new band The Looters have been together in one form or the other since 1999, and are the same folks responsible for bringing Rosa King, Amsterdam's Queen of Funk and blues, to the US, where they acted as her backing band for a tour of the southeast. In 2000 the Looters launched the professional career of Kristina Train, now Blue Note recording artist and member of Herbie Hancock's "Imagine" band. As "Saskia Laroo and The Looters" they were co-headliners of the 2001 Atlanta Jazz Festival. Being old friends of the Doctor's and being known for their versatility and songwriting, this is the perfect unit to launch a new type of sound for the century. Layden brothers Joe and Eric sing and play lead and bass, respectively, and percussion is covered by Vuk Pavlovic.

We don't know what ultimate form the new genre will take when it hits the mainstream, or even what it will be named and remembered as. But we do know where it's being formed and who can give you a glimpse into a very bright future...

The Doctor is In.

The Layden Brothers' past bands include:

Ayur Veda
Kristina Train (Kristina Beaty and The Looters)
Rosa King and The Looters
Saskia Laroo and The Looters (recordings unavailable)

Charlie Denison * Kenny Savage * Saskia Laroo * Rosa King * Kristina Train * Dan Walker * John Thomaszewskie * David Perry * Adam Groves * Gordon Perry * Jeff Evans * Satanya Emerick * Karaline Meese * Jordan Marx * Jeremy Hammons * Chrisie Santoni * Dr. Dan Matrazzo
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