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Kristina Beaty and the Looters

The Looters were the first ever backing band for Blue Note superstar Kristina Train (then Kristina Beaty) when she began her professional career at the tender age of 17. Joe and Eric recruited Kristina Train from Open Mic Night at Savannah Blues to help train The Looters for an upcoming tour with Amsterdam's Rosa King. Bar owner and guitar wizard Eric Culberson loved the band's sound, and gave Kristina Beaty and The Looters a regular Wednesday night gig at his club, and the success and popularity of the group blossomed almost overnight. In just a few weeks, Savannahians were packing the club several hours before showtime to get a good seat and catch the soundcheck. Club owners from St. Simon's Island to Atlanta began calling for shows unbidden, and the band seemed an instant success. Kristina Train performed as a guest and back-up singer for all but one of the actual dates with Rosa King, and the band continued to perform as Kristina Beaty and The Looters after Rosa's departure for the Capetown Jazz Festival in Africa at the end of the year. In mid 2000, Kristina train left the band for school in Athens (where she was already popular from past performances at The 40 Watt Club with The Looters) and joined The Park Bench Blues Band for continued success. After the departure of Kristina Train, The Looters began backing Saskia Laroo, another Rosa King protege, for tours of the US and Europe, culminating in a co-headlining spot at the Atlanta Jazz festival in 2001. Kristina Train was eventually signed to Blue Note Records as a solo act. Kristina Train's debut major label album Spilt Milk on Blue Note Records was released in 2009.

Kristina Train - lead vocals
Joseph Layden - guitar, backing vocals
Eric Layden - 6 string bass
Dan Walker - keyboards, backing vocals
Jeff Evans - percussion

"Another person who noticed was veteran jazz producer John Snyder, who brought Kristina to New York to showcase for Blue Note CEO Bruce Lundvall, A&R VP Eli Wolf and late producer Arif Mardin when she was 19. At the time, Kristina had started playing gigs around Savannah and regionally with a band under the name Kristina Beaty and the Looters. Blue Note signed her to a development deal, but Train's mother insisted she attend college first. The deal fell through, and Kristina left for Athens to go to the University of Georgia.

"I knew I didn't want to be [at UGA]. It just wasn't right for me," she remembers. "I thought I needed to be doing music! So I thought it was a big waste of time, and I was playing in a band and staying up late... That was definitely my first taste of freedom, and made sure I took advantage of that!" she laughs. "It's easy to do that there." - Stomp and Stammer, Nov 2009

Kristina Train's Official Site! Featuring the debut Blue Note album Spilt Milk!

All tracks recorded via mini-disc at The Brandy House, Atlanta in Winter 2000

Bad Case of the Blues

Lonely Me

Sweet Little Angel


It's Over

Night Train

Shakey Ground

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